Illustrating for games

Illustrators and graphic artists are in high demand in various industries. We are living in an age when creativity and originality are highly valued as part of the strategy for brands to stand out, therefore businesses are doing their best to come up with artwork that will make their brand recognizable, whether it’s for their website or for their products.

One industry where graphic designers and illustrators are in high demand is the video game and online games sector. Game developers are trying very hard to compete with one another, and one way of doing it is by coming up with eye-catching artwork that will make their games distinctive and appealing.

Artwork for online slots

If you play online games by different game studios, you may have started to recognize the developer behind the game simply from the artwork. Online slots developers in particular are great at this: since slots work in more or less the same way, developers work a lot on the artwork and game design in order to convey a sense of originality and uniqueness that would attract players to a particular game. For this reason, they employ talented game artists and graphic illustrators.

Online slot games nowadays are inspired by a variety of themes: fairytales, gladiators, wildlife, vampires – whatever subject you can think of, there’s likely to be a beautifully designed slot available online. To have a look at these games, check out, where you’ll find all the reviews and learn where you can play them at the click of a button!


12 Oct 2019